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No More Status Quo: A Proven Framework to Change the Way We Change the World is about how we can work differently to address uncertainty and create deeper social impact, all while using less time and fewer resources.

I finally wrote the book that I've been writing in my head (and heart) for ten years plus. The book includes:
- a summary of why we use ineffective status quo problem-solving skills to address social change
- a detailed breakdown of each of the five PAUSE skills and how to apply them right away
- 30+ examples of what using new skills looks like "in real life"
- Pause and Consider sections at the end of each chapter to support deeper introspection and integration

Right now status quo problem-solving skills in the social impact sector rely on

  • Good intentions
  • Building what *we* think should make a difference 
  • Designing solutions in a bubble or in silos
  • Copying and pasting “best practices”
  • Launching pilot programs and waiting for 6 months to a year to see results

We use logic models, grant applications and RFPs, and detailed program and evaluation designs to make us feel like we have certainty. The reality is that we often ignore a large amount of unnamed and untested assumptions, that are informed by our biases and positionalities that we rarely pause to consider. 

I have experienced current methods that attempt to tackle status quo to feel overbuilt, expensive, and inaccessible due to excessive tools and steps, and many of these methods were never designed for social change in the first place.

I have spent the past 10 + years adapting these methods combined with questioning, testing, and refining a framework. The PAUSE Framework is a simple and effective set of skills designed for social impact that anyone, in any organization can use to create impact quickly and effectively. 

The book is a part of my goal to make this framework accessible to all and to change the way we change the world.  

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